CCDC Seeks help with an animal welfare case

Published: 08 January 2020

On Monday 6 January the van was found unattended in Green Lane in Bridgtown near Cannock. In the rear of the van a dog was found chained to the floor with no food or water. The van may have been there for some time. It disappeared later that day.

Environmental Health Officers from the Council rescued the dog using powers under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The dog is a male tan Staffordshire Bull Terrier type and is microchipped, but the owner details are out of date. The dog is being cared for while enquiries continue.

Cllr John Preece, Environment Portfolio Leader, said: “For an unknown reason this van was left at a dead end in a secluded area. The van is not insured, taxed or has a valid MOT and has no registered keeper. We are hoping the public will be able to help us identify who owns the dog and the van as we would like to speak to them as soon as possible”.

Anyone with information should contact Environmental Health on or call 01543 464491.