Council Meetings

 Please note that all council meetings are being held in socially distanced environments.  Where possible, we record meetings and live stream them via our Facebook page.  In order to ensure public safety, please contact the offices to advise us that you wish to attend a meeting at least 5 DAYS BEFORE THE MEETING. 

Please click this link to see a full list of council meetings and community events for 2023


 The Town Council usually meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm in the Council Chamber, Taylors Lane, Rugeley, WS15 2AA with the exception of August; dates and times are subject to change.

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend any meeting of the Council and are able to address the Council during public participation session.  

The Planning and Finance and Management Committees both sit on the third Wednesday of each month except August.  The Rose and Community & Engagement Committees both sit on the second Wednesday of each month except August. 

Understanding Council Meetings 
It is fantastic that we are getting more and more people attending our council meetings.  I thought it may be useful to clarify a few points to help everyone understand how the meetings are run as they can appear to be confusing:

  1. Please note that where possible, we record meetings and live stream to our Facebook page.
  2. If you want to say something at the full council or committee meetings, there is a Public Session at the beginning of the agenda. Time is limited in order to ensure that all matters can be dealt with and everyone has time to speak. The fact that the public session is limited though, does not stop you from contacting the Town Council outside the meeting and talking through your issues. It may be that the staff can offer guidance and help.
  3. Any item raised in the Public Session cannot be debated by councillors at the same meeting as it will not have been placed on the agenda.  Where appropriate, the items raised will be discussed by Councillors at the next appropriate council meeting.
  4. A few days after the meetings, DRAFT minutes are available on the website. These minutes remain DRAFT until the following meeting. So if you feel that your point has not been accurately recorded, please contact the Town Clerk no later than a week before the next meeting.
  5. Please note that the signatures from the minutes are redacted as part of the Council's GDPR requirements.
  6. You are welcome to ask the Town Clerk to put an item on the agenda for Councillors to discuss. Contact the Town Clerk at least one week before a meeting to do this. You can then either add to the discussion by speaking in the public session, or come along and hear the councillors discuss the item but you wont be able to speak during the item.

If you have any concerns or questions, please give us a call. Please see below for guidance on which council deals with which activities - this will help you to direct your concerns and ideas to the right council.

 Councillors Attendance

Please CLICK HERE to see the record of Councillors attendances at all council meetings for 2018/2019 

Please Click Here to see a record of Councillors attendances at all council meetings for 2019/2020 

Please Click Here to see a record of Councillors attendance at all council meetings for 2020/2021 - these meetings were all held virtually. 

Please Click Here to see a record of Councillors attendance at all council meetings for 2021/2022

Please click here to see a record of Councillors attendance at all council meeting for 2022/2023


Rose Theatre Committee

The Rose Theatre Committee considers the operation and promotion of the Rose Theatre, Taylors Lane, Rugeley.

Planning Committee

Planning Committee sits monthly and considers planning applications which affect Rugeley or are located in Rugeley parish.

Full Council

This is the full council meeting where matters are ratified from the committees and final decisions are taken on policies, procedures and the budget.

Community Engagement Committee

This Committee considers matters around the community events for Rugeley eg Charter Fair. It also has a delegated budget for further community projects.

Finance & Management

This committee determines all resource requirements for the Council. Resource requirements include finances, land and property, employees and contractors.

Annual Meetings

Below are the agendas and minutes for the Annual Meeting of Rugeley Town Council. Each year the parish of Rugeley also holds an Annual Parish Assembly. This is normally arranged by the Town Council and has taken different formats.

Complaints Committee

This committee is formed on an as and when basis to deal with complaints about the council.

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