The Town Council

Your Town Council and its Members are here to help and represent you. Councillors are elected by the residents every four years. We are the first tier of local government and are funded by a precept, which is paid by the residents of Rugeley via the Council Tax.

Find out what we do by reading the agendas and minutes and see how you can have your say in local matters. If we aren't the correct authority to deal with your query, we will happily point you in the right direction and represent you if appropriate. To read the One Community- a guide to partnership working between principal and local councils guide, please click on the link.  It is a useful document that gives guidance and ideas for working with local councils.

Rugeley Town Council Offices can be accessed from Taylors Lane - to the rear of the Rose Theatre and Community Centre, WS15 2AA;
or for easier access you can drive in off Church Street, behind the Aelfgar Surgery using the satnav postcode WS15 2AB.

Normal office hours are Monday - Friday 9.30am - 3.30pm.

Understanding Council Meetings 
It is fantastic that we are getting more and more people attending our council meetings.  I thought it may be useful to clarify a few points to help everyone understand about how the meetings are run as they can appear to be confusing:


  1. In order to ensure we comply with current social distancing measures, please notify the Clerk if you wish to attend a meeting.
  2. Please note that we aim to ensure that ALL Council and Committee Meetings are streamed live via our Facebook Page.
  3. If you want to say something at the full council or committee meetings, there is a Public Session at the beginning of the agenda. Time is limited in order to ensure that all matters can be dealt with and everyone has time to speak.  The fact that the public session is limited though, does not stop you from contacting the Town Council outside the meeting and talking through your issues.  It may be that the staff can offer guidance and help.
  4. A few days after the meetings, DRAFT minutes are available on the website.  These minutes remain DRAFT until the following meeting.  So if you feel that your point has not been accurately recorded, please contact the Town Clerk no later than a week before the next meeting.
  5. You are welcome to ask the Town Clerk to put an item on the agenda for Councillors to discuss.  Contact the Town Clerk at least one week before a meeting to do this.  You can then either add to the discussion by speaking in the public session or come along and hear the councillors discuss the item but you won't be able to speak during the item.
 If you have any concerns or questions, please give us a call.  Please see below for guidance on which council deals with which activities - this will help you to direct your concerns and ideas to the right council.


Which Council?

Rugeley Town Council


  • Small Grants
  • Rugeley Rose Theatre
  • Commenting on planning applications
  • Monthly Artisan Markets
  • Christmas Market
  • Christmas Lights 
  • Urban Greening Scheme
  • Neighbourhood Plan
  • Community engagement on local issues
  • Rugeley development


Cannock Chase District Council


  • Coordinate and collect Council Tax 
  • Environmental Health
  • Housing benefits
  • Planning Applications
  • Local Plans
  • Arts and Leisure
  • Unclassified roads
  • Waste Collection
  • Tree and List Building preservation
  • Elections


Staffordshire County Council


  • Education and youth employment
  • Transport
  • Social Services
    Some planning applications
  • Strategic local plans
  • Recreation, arts and museums
  • Roads and pavements including blocked drains and any hazards
  • Grass cutting of highway verges and islands
  • Waste disposal
  • Street lights, signs and traffic lights
  • Footpaths 


Town Council Staff

Town Clerk

Sue Buxton

Development Manager

Sam Bird

Most of Sams professional life has been in Elite Sport predominantly professional rugby, working in marketing and event management.  Sam recently relocated back to the Midlands from London. Sam works primarily to create and run significant community events organised by the Town Council.  In addition, Sam promotes the Rose Theatre and brings new theatre companies into Rugeley.  Sam is our very own Disney Princess having worked as opening crew for Disneyland Paris!  

 Finance Officer


Administrative Officer

Alison Mantle

Alison is our most recent team member and comes to us with a background in education and finance administration roles.  Alison is enjoying belonging to a team where one day's work is nothing like the next day's!  Alison is our key contact for all things to do with our monthly Artisan Markets.

Staffing Structure

Map of Rugeley Town Council and its wards

Please click on the link to be taken to a map of the Town Council boundary which also identifies the wards:    /_UserFiles/Files/District map for website.pdf