Following a local election on 30th August 2018, I am pleased to welcome Councillor Olivia Lyons on to Rugeley Town Council.  Councillor Lyons will sit until May 2019 when all 19 posts for the council are up for election.


Eligibility Criteria

Be on a local electoral register
Own a property or land in the area for the past 12 months
Work in the parish for the last 12 months
Have lived within three miles of the parish for the last 12 months

How to apply

Should an election not be called for by the community, the two vacancies will be advertised.  Should you wish to be considered for one of these positions, please write a letter describing why you would like to be on the Town Council, to: Rugeley Town Council, Taylors Lane, Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 2AA

The existing Councillors will then consider the statements before making a decision at a Parish Council meeting. For more information about this opportunity or to talk through any questions, please contact the Town Clerk, Mrs Hilary Goodreid on 01889 574074 or via email:
What are you waiting for - here is your chance to fully participate in the future of Rugeley Town Council