Councillor and Staff Vacancies

Nominations have been received for the vacant seats at Rugeley Town Council and we can confirm the following Cllrs have been elected unapposed:

Western Springs South - Cllr Chris Barkas; Cllr Will Clark

Western Springs North - Cllr Pat Ansell; Cllr Rob Hughes; Cllr Olivia Lyons; Cllr Paul Sparkes; Cllr Neil Stanley

Hagley - Cllr Kereen Hart; Cllr Daniel Foceac; Cllr I Gibson; Cllr G Kirkham; Cllr J Lees

Etching Hill - Cllr Angi Cooney; Cllr Chris Green; Cllr Ian Hodgson; Cllr Alan Miller; Cllr Ian Pyke; Cllr Mike Davey; Cllr David Gaye  


 The following Cllrs have been elected unapposed: Notice of Uncontested Election.pdf

Eligibility Criteria to be a Councillor

Be on a local electoral register
Own a property or land in the area for the past 12 months
Work in the parish for the last 12 months
Have lived within three miles of the parish for the last 12 months

How to apply for a co-opted position

Outside of an election year, for any Councillor vacancy there is a two-stage process.  First, a Notice of Vacancy is posted giving the local electorate an opportunity to call for an election to this position.  At least 10 electors from the ward in which the vacancy arises will need to contact the Monitoring Officer to call for the election.

Should an election not be called for, then the vacancy can go to advert for co-option.

Here is a link to the necessary papers should you wish to apply for a vacancy: Co-option Policy and Application Form

Should you wish to be considered for election or co-option and have questions about the role, please speak to the Town Clerk on 01889 574074 or email: Email to Town Clerk

The decision for an election lies with the electorate for that ward.  The decision for co-option lies with the sitting Town Councillors. 

What are you waiting for - here is your chance to fully participate in the future of Rugeley Town Council