Hagley Fields flood risk management update

Published: 22 August 2017

Future activity will see the completion of the footbridge and spillway construction. This needs to be completed before the rest of the embankment can be completed. The sheet piling aims to be complete by 11 August but may run into week ending 18 August. After that noise will be limited to traffic on site. We are working in one area of the playing field at present, which is close to residents of Bank Top. We thank them for their patience. Importation of clay for the embankment will not take place until mid-September. The September brief will provide an update on this


We still plan to finish construction by the end of the year.


We held a drop in event on 17 July to give the people of Rugeley a chance to ask questions about the scheme and to let those living closest what the programme of works would be going forward. The event gave us the opportunity to explain the reasons for doing the scheme, particularly the opportunities to redevelop the town centre. This was well received.

Residents were able to give us their view on flood risk For example an account that the brook came out of bank in June 2012, by a resident in Bank Top, which was thought to be a predominantly surface water flooding event. This adds to accounts at previous drop in events.

We held a site visit for County Councillors and the LEP. Both parties were pleased with the scheme and the multiple outcomes it delivers.

We are considering our option for communicating the project through the press. Between now and the end of the project we will invite partners to be involved in a press/media opportunity. The date is to be confirmed.

Information for the public

We have had very few enquiries from the general public during May. Monica Stonham can still be contacted at rugeleyfasprojectea@gmail.com or telephoned on 07577 470803 throughout the project. If at any point members of the public raise concern about activities relating to the project please contact Monica.

We have a web page at https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/rugeley-flood-defence-scheme and a Flickr page at https://www.flickr.com/photos/environment-agency/albums/72157665136209309 and we will put up photos of the scheme as the scheme progresses.